In Castelvecchio’s farm we still harvest as our ancestors did in the past: we are proud of our land of 800 hectares including woods and fields: wheat, barley, fodder, forage, medical grass as well as a small vineyard, perfectly set amidst the cultivations and producing a great red wine D.O.C. Orcia, called “Il Perignano”, after the name of the old castle destroyed by Siena’s citizen in 1564.
Castelvecchio also proudly counts 1.500 olive trees producing a tasty, cold pressed extra - virgin Olive Oil.

Perfectly set in the very heart of Val d’Orcia, (UNESCO territory) and surrounded by the Val d’Orcia National Park, Castelvecchio also includes a hunting preserve where it is possible to watch pheasants, deer, roes and wild boars.

The farm also counts with a small cattle with one bull and a few happy cows which have a big paddock at their disposal, as well as a breeding of Hannover horses. Castelvecchio is also an important Equestrian Center which is recognized as part of the Italian federation of equestrian sports (FISE). Here kids can learn how to ride and love a horse and adults can improve their horse-back riding style with two federal instructors or just enjoy the landscape in never-ending rides.